About Our Batteries

MAES stock a large range of batteries for everything for cars, commercial vehicles, marine & leisure applications. We have been supplying locally to Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley and Towns in South Yorkshire for the past 40 years. Our extensive ready to fit stock covers most makes and models of vehicles both on and off the road today. If we don’t stock it we have the facility to order from one of the biggest distributors of commercial, leisure and motorbike batteries produced – all for next day delivery.

Our batteries are supplied fully charged and maintenance free and if you bring your vehicle to us we can normally fit your battery for free although some charges do apply. If you’re unsure of the battery you require or if you are not sure if it needs replacing, just drop in and one of our engineers will be happy to help. We test your battery for free and we’ll get you up and running in no time with the peace of mind that your battery couldn’t be in better health.

Don’t just fit any Battery, fit a VARTA Battery

Whether you’re driving your very first car, a family vehicle, a car with Start-Stop functionality, or a highly equipped vehicle with higher energy demands, we will guide you to the right VARTA battery for you and your vehicle. When you have one of our Silver, Blue or Black Dynamic Trio batteries, you can drive confidently, knowing your vehicle runs with superior battery performance.

One dynamic Trio. Unlimited automotive applications
From a classic model to the latest coupé, there’s a VARTA dynamic battery to power it. Our strength lies in developing strong working relationships with car makers. They trust our skills in innovation to develop the best batteries for the world’s most advanced new vehicles.
3 Year Warranty

High on cost effectiveness, low on maintenance
Whether you run trucks, vans, coaches, fire engines, bulldozers or farm vehicles, our wide selection of specialist products means there’s the perfect solution for every business. VARTA Promotive batteries will keep your fleet moving while lowering your total cost of ownership.
2 Year Warranty

Now there are no limits to exploration
Knock proof, shock proof, spill proof and worry proof… several reasons why you can count on our batteries for caravans, motorhomes, golf carts and caddies, and all kinds of boats. And here are two more: they’re built for total reliability and huge power reserves, even when you’re travelling far from home.
2 Year Warranty

The latest batteries for the most advanced motorcycles
VARTA offers a comprehensive Powersports range – 65 products and counting. So whether you own a motorcycle or jet-ski, snowmobile or scooter, quad-bike or ATV, or even a ride-on lawnmower, you’ll always find a VARTA Powersports product to power it.
1 Year Warranty

The most reliable power source in the business
The VARTA Professional line-up delivers unbeatable reliability thanks to our state-of-the-art engineering. Whether you need to operate heavy lifting equipment, use a cleaning machine, power a utility vehicle or run a generator, there’s a VARTA battery that’ll get the job done.
1 Year Warranty

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