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We operate a range of the latest air conditioning equipment here at MAES which enables us to service and re-gas cars, trucks, coaches and plant equipment – If it has air conditioning we can sort it.

R1234yf Air Conditioning Systems

Its use commenced in 2011 and rolled out across all new cars. From the 1st January 2017, EU regulations have required vehicle manufacturers to change the type of refrigerant gas used in car air conditioning systems. The old R134a gas has been banned in new vehicles and a new gas –  R1234yf (full name 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene, or HFO-1234yf) – replaces it. Claimed to be more environmentally friendly, it is also a lot more expensive. R1234yf is as efficient as R134a, with the same cooling capacity. R1234yf uses less fuel, producing 20-30% less CO2 emissions and therefore a significant decrease in carbon footprint when compared to R134a.
R1234yf is not a retrofit option for vehicles using R134a.  R1234yf has an ASHRAE class A2L which means it’s mildly flammable. It has been extensively tested by third parties and car manufacturers to verify it is safe to use.

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Smelly Aircon?

Fusty smell when your A/C is on? A build up of bacteria on the A/C evaporator inside the car causes an unpleasant smell as mould and fungi grows which can lead to sinus infections and asthma complications. Our disinfectant cleaners can kill the bacteria and freshen the system, making it clean and odour free. So why not have a spring clean with our Air Atom


Based in central Rotherham, we offer a mobile service in our local areas, we can carry out air conditioning services at your home or workplace, please contact us for availability.

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