Unit Reconditioning

Unit Reconditioning | How the Look When They Arrive
Unit Reconditioning | How the Look When They Arrive
Unit Reconditioning | Unit Stripped Ready For Cleaning, Testing & Replacement
Unit Reconditioning | Cleaned Internals
Unit Reconditioning | Fully Reassembled


Here at MAES Ltd we have highly skilled and trained auto electrical engineers working within a fully equipped and purpose designed workshop. We are able to offer a wide range of services to accommodate our customers’ requirements. For most makes and models of starter motors, alternators and dynamos for all types of vehicles including cars, commercial, agricultural and marine applications, we can offer everything from a repair to complete remanufacture. Our stores also hold a large amount of new and remanufactured units for immediate exchange.

When your unit arrives with us it will be taken into our workshops where it will be tested and have some initial visual and electrical component tests done so that we can advise you on the best way of proceeding. Depending on the fault and condition of your unit, parts availability, urgency and budget this could be a repair or remanufacture of your original unit or a new or service exchange replacement.


Minimum down time, minimum expense
Should your unit not be very old and only had partial failure then this option will get you back on the road with minimum downtime and minimum expense. Should the drive or solenoid have failed on your starter or the regulator on your alternator then we can usually replace only the faulty component and after testing the repair unit get you on your way. Only the new parts fitted will be covered by our warranty in this instance.


Cost effective, complete peace of mind 12 month warranty – our preferred option for you
Having had the misfortune of a unit failure and having gone to the time, trouble and expense to have it removed and refitted by ourselves or by you then we advise the unit be completely reworked eliminating the risk of further replacement and down time due to continued faults. Our in house rebuilding programme requires complete dismantling of the unit after which all parts are cleaned, steamed and sandblasted (where applicable) to remove the old grime and allow thorough examination. Faulty or damaged components are replaced or remanufactured, before the unit is reassembled, fully bench tested and returned back to you with a full 12 month warranty on the completed unit.


New or service exchange units
Sometimes the best way forward is to replace your unit with a new or exchange unit, this can be for several reasons. It might be that time is of the essence and getting back on the road is your priority or your old unit might be beyond economical repair because the labour and parts required to make it serviceable again outweigh the cost of a new unit. We carry a large range of replacement units on the shelves for the most popular applications and have direct same day or next day access to thousands of others.

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Fault Diagnosis

Not sure what part is at fault? Don’t waste your time and money replacing expensive parts unnecessarily, we will check and test your vehicle electrics and advise you as to what parts are at fault and the most cost effective and efficient way of replacing them.

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