Vintage Vehicle & Classic Car Electrical Repairs

Owning a Vintage Vehicle or Classic Car can be extremely difficult at times when it comes to sourcing replacement parts for repairs. Some tasks can be completed with the help of a workshop manual and your own time and skills, however some items need specialist tools which just are not available anymore.

Whether it be a Vintage Tractor or a Rolls Royce, We have an extremely experienced workshop team who have been working in the auto electrical industry for over 40 years, they have experience in repairing and servicing, starter motors, alternators and dynamos.

We stock a vast range of now obsolete components for vintage and classic cars.

We offer a high quality repair/rebuild service to all makes of unit, fitted to vintage and classic cars. All units are fully disassembled and cleaned thoroughly, Metal parts are blasted, Faulty or damaged components are examined, tested and replaced or repaired as needed.

Units are rebuilt with special attention to detail such as making sure the original body stampings and bracket detailing is maintained during the rebuild and making sure the finish is to a factory standard*. All units are subject to a full electrical bench test prior to leaving ourselves. The final product plastic wrapped and well packaged for safe transit.

Many customers believe that their vehicle parts are far beyond repair but our highly skilled team have rebuilt units that are not easily obtained in the UK. Some owners had given up on ever seeing them run again.

We supply classic car units worldwide including starters and alternators for Triumph’s, MGB’s and Jaguar’s to the USA. so if your unit is looking a little tired or letting you down why not let us take a look and return it to its former glory.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide to owners of vintage vehicles and classic cars.

See a small range of our classic car products here. Vintage & Classic Car

To find out more about our services, use our contact page or call us on 01709 365032.

Please give us as much information as possible about the make and model of the unit you would like us to repair.

*We can refinish a unit to customer specification, from just a standard finish/colour to a fully chrome starter motor.